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Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Update

I hope everyone enjoys the updated look of the blog as much as I do. And a great many thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, who spent much longer than originally anticipated creating the header and template for me.

For all my fans, please check out the new comment system (located at the bottom of each post) if you've got the time. Feel free to have general discussions, comment on (or criticize) the blog, story excerpts, book covers; or just stop by to say hi. You don't have to log in (unless you want to), and the system has a lot of really neat features. And yes, in typing that last line I realize how much of a nerd I am.

(Also, if you happened to stop by earlier today you might have noticed a post about how I broke all the pictures on the site. Well I finally managed to fix it, though I now know more about the inner workings of Blogger than I ever cared to. Hopefully everything looks okay to the rest of you. If not, let me know. Seriously.)

So now I'm back to writing. I'll have a new story up very soon, and thanks to everyone for the kind messages and emails! Keep them coming (if you know what I mean).

- Lilith, June 28