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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jerked by Mommy (The Next Day): Cover Preview and Excerpt

As promised, below is a preview for the final cover of Jerked by Mommy (The Next Day), as well as the new excerpt.

Have fun!

Erotica eBook Online Jerked by Mommy (The Next Day)

Jack threw his stepmother Pamela on her bed, face down.
Pulling his shirt over his head, his fingers struggled to undo the top button of his jeans, finally shoving them down to his ankles as his meat sprung out in front of him, released, feeling massive out in the open air.
She was looking back over her shoulder at him from the bed, color high in her cheeks as it always seemed to be when she was horny. Her eyes on his cock, then looking up. Seeming to see him, as he saw her.
Then her fumbling behind her back at the many hooks of her bra. Cursing when she couldn’t unhook the last one, until Jack reached forward with both hands and undid it himself, with less difficulty than he anticipated. Her jean shorts unbuttoned and gone. Her nude before him, finally.
Holding her behind the neck with his left hand, as she had done to him, he held her face against the bedspread, forcing her ass up into the air. As her back arched he got the briefest glimpse of her asshole, tiny and perfect, just as he’d fantasized, before the ample cheeks of her ass came together again and shielded it from his view. Her immense breasts pressed against the bed, creamy sides visible even from behind her. 
 “Now don’t you fucking move,” he said, stepping off the bed and kicking his jeans away across the room.
He knelt down on the soft carpet of the floor, resting his hands on either side of her ass, ever so lightly spreading her cheeks apart to get a better look at her pussy. Giving her a mild slap on her behind when she gave a cry of protest at being so exposed to him, immediately quieting her down.
Her pussy was beautiful. Bald, puffy and pink, glistening before him with the wetness of her desire. Her outer lips so wide and soft, inner lips small and pressed between, begging to be spread apart.
He couldn’t resist reaching beneath her and cupping her mound with his right hand, feeling the incredible, intense heat of her. Her moaning and pressing herself back wetly onto his palm, just barely sliding back and forth against the flat pressure he was providing. He could feel her clit, tiny and hard, as she humped his hand.
“You’re a slut, aren’t you?” Jack asked, Pamela nodding vigorously. Her modest demeanor had vanished.
Wanting to press two of his fingers inside her, wanting so badly to bury his face between the folds of her sex, he nevertheless withdrew his hand and stood up. His dick swollen itself, the head red and pulsing.
He stepped around to the front of the bed so he was facing her and she was looking up at him.
“If you’re waiting for permission, you have it,” Jack said. He found himself wondering if her hair stayed light past the summer, or turned dark as winter pressed on. Found himself wondering if he’d be around that long.
She sat up on the bed with her legs to the side, reaching out with one hand and taking him by the base of his cock, forcing him to step forward until his knees were against the edge of the mattress.
“What is it you want mommy to do?” she asked innocently while slowly jerking him, sliding the skin of his shaft gently up and down.
 “What she does best,” he said, brought back into the action. “Get on this cock.”

Jerked by Mommy (The Next Day), will be available on Amazon starting tomorrow, along with A Naughty Girl for Daddy. As always, please don't hesitate to email me with any questions, criticisms or comments!

- Lilith, August 08