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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Naughty Girl for Daddy (Audrey Gets Punished): Cover Preview and Excerpt

Below you'll find the cover preview and excerpt for A Naughty Girl for Daddy (Audrey Gets Punished). The excerpt features Audrey having a threesome with her ex-boyfriend Mike, and their friend Liz. 


Erotica eBook Online A Naughty Girl for Daddy (Audrey Gets Punished)

And then they were all together. Mike quickly throwing their clothes on the ground, their sweatshirts making a perfect blanket as he lied back, his arms behind his head as the two of them removed his underwear. His cock bounced up and hit his belly, huge now that it was erect. Liz’s eyes grew wide, and Audrey had to bite her bottom lip to keep from laughing, realizing that she was proud Liz was impressed at the size of her boyfriend’s cock. That it was long, fat and thick. Mike reached down with one hand and gripped himself at the base of his dick, pointing it at them. Liz looked back at Audrey, asking her if it was okay. Audrey nodded, stretching out beside Mike, running her hand along his belly as she watched her friend take him in her hand.
Liz didn’t start slow. She spat once on Mike’s cockhead, her saliva glistening in the firelight, watching as it dripped down to pool on his balls. He moaned as Liz began to rub her spit all over him, coating his length as she pumped him with her closed fist. She spit on him again, and Audrey began to play with his nipples, pulling on them gently at first, but harder whenever Liz worked particularly long on his head, making him squirm.
Holding him with her left hand, Liz took her right palm and ran it flatly over Mike’s slit, making his hips buck and causing him to moan against clenched teeth. Then she put her hands on his hips and briefly looked up at Audrey, who nodded again. Liz opened her mouth wide, and took his cockhead in. Mike gasped and clutched Audrey, pulling her head to his chest. She took one of his nipples in her mouth, and then used her free hand to begin masturbating herself. Feeling the soaked wetness of her bush, she furiously began rubbing her clit, so horny at the sight of her friend sucking her boyfriend’s meat.
Mike pulled his cock out of Liz’s mouth and began smacking her in the face with it, Liz cooing with delight every time he hit her. Audrey sat up next to him so she was kneeling and continued to masturbate, starting to moan as she felt her orgasm building. Hearing her, Liz sat up as well, this time not asking permission as she pulled Audrey’s hand away from her pussy. Liz inserted her middle and ring finger into Audrey, pulling her close as she gasped and leaned forward.
Audrey let go, simply widening her legs and letting Liz finger her ever faster, until the world began to dim and she felt her pussy start to pulse. She’d only recently discovered she could squirt, and she began to now, her pussy releasing a hot flood of juice down onto Liz’s hand and forearm, and Mike’s leg that lay between them. She moaned, long and low, but Liz’s voice in her ear kept her from being embarrassed, as she steadily provided a series of encouraging words while her fingers moved in and out of Audrey’s pussy. Soon Audrey finished, and Liz withdrew her fingers, staring at them as they glistened.

A Naughty Girl for Daddy (Audrey Gets Punished) will be available on Amazon starting tomorrow. Hope you liked it!

- Lilith, August 20