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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Naughty Girl for Daddy: Cover Preview and Excerpt

So I promised I would release an excerpt of A Naughty Girl for Daddy today, and it looks like I just made it. I spent most of the past two days writing, and if all goes well (and by 'all,' I mean editing), the story should be up on Amazon by August 9th. And unless something changes, below is a preview of the final cover.

Please enjoy!

Erotica eBook Online A Naughty Girl for Daddy (Audrey Gets Caught)

As her fingers plunged faster Audrey cared little about how she looked, bending her knees and leaning against the counter as she fucked herself with her hand. Her pussy was soaked to the point she could feel her wetness running down the insides of her thighs. She couldn’t even see Mike through the window, but that was no longer important as she began calling up past sexual experiences in her mind, eager to find one that would push her over the edge.
Cycling through memories, she thought of the first time her and Mike ever had sex. She had been watching snowflakes melt on the windshield of his father’s car when he lifted his head from between her legs and smiled at her, the sweetest she’d ever seen. She’d given him a single nod that seemed to scare him, but he soon recovered, appearing undaunted as he pulled down his jeans and revealed his throbbing hardness. Her grabbing his length, always surprised at just how big it was, loving the way his eyes almost closed when she gripped him tightly, or squeezed his head. And then he was pressing into her, not clumsily, her wetness making it easy. Her using her legs to pull him in closer, guiding him. Loving how strong his shoulder muscles felt beneath his shirt. Watching him as he went to another place. And then no longer watching him as he took her there as well.
Then she was thinking of the time soon after, when he’d taken her from behind in the library stairwell at their school. She’d seen him briefly at the start of the period, catching his eye between a row of bookshelves and knowing immediately he was horny and planning something. Her pussy growing damp at the thought of what that might be. She’d hurried upstairs, to the research section where no one was likely to be at that time of day. Turning, expecting him to be right there, perhaps with his cock poking out of the opened zipper of his jeans. But he wasn’t. She only had time to be disappointed for an instant, because a few steps past the door to the stairwell he burst out and pulled her inside, his hand over her mouth, stifling her surprised scream. He pushed her up against the wall and lifted up her skirt. Her back arched, ass thrust towards him. Wanting to be penetrated. He pulled down her underwear and she heard him spit once as she imagined him rubbing it on the head of his cock, and then he was at her already soaked entrance, making her beg for it. He rubbed his cockhead up and down between the lips of her pussy, teasing her, jerking himself rapidly against her clit, making her cry out against the palm of his hand. Then he’d pushed himself inside her to the hilt, not waiting for her to stretch to his thickness, her juices coating him enough to let him slide right in. She began cumming almost immediately, her pussy pulsing against his fat cock, biting his hand as she orgasmed. He slammed into her over and over again, his hand falling from her mouth to her throat, holding her body tight against his as he fucked her. Then he pulled out, pushing her to her knees, his pulsing cock quick in her mouth as the first jets of his cum began covering her tongue. She took it all, eagerly, remembering a time when she thought what she was doing was disgusting. Now she loved the heat of his load, and wished he would keep cumming so she would have more to swallow. As he finished, he watched her wipe traces of his seed into her mouth with her index finger, then swallow, only to open her mouth so he could check it was gone. Pulling a folded paper towel from his back pocket, he handed it to her, gave her a kiss on the forehead, and started down the stairs.
Mind still wandering, Audrey found herself unable to cum, and she started thinking about something that happened more recently. Something that both surprised and excited her. Last week she’d come home early from the gym. Thinking she was alone in the house, she stripped naked, tossed her sweaty clothes down the basement steps to the laundry room, and quite reasonably decided to masturbate before taking a shower. Knowing she would hear a car door slam to alert her if anyone came home. A few swipes later and her iPhone had gone from blasting music in her ears to blasting the sounds of two girls loudly and lewdly sucking each others’ pussies. Audrey had stretched out on the couch, legs wide, one hand holding the screen to her face and the other fingering herself vigorously. Completely unaware that her stepfather Dale had come home from work and decided to go around back to replace the outdoor light on the deck. So it was a surprise when she noticed him. He was on top of a ladder not fifteen feet away and separated only by a sliding glass door, simultaneously focused on not falling and not dropping the replacement bulb tucked under his arm. Her first instinct was to get up and run, but as her eyes followed him just over the top of the screen, she got another idea that was as scary as it was exciting. Unplugging her earbuds, she raised the volume of the porn and resumed masturbating, careful now only to watch Dale with her peripheral vision. He stopped almost instantly, putting the bulb on top of the ladder and holding on with both hands. Audrey couldn’t really see him, but when he didn’t immediately climb down and retreat, she felt a flash of combined nervousness and desire that nearly made her faint. She was no longer watching the screen, her eyes blurred but focused completely on the outline of Dale behind the sliding glass door. He wasn’t moving, only staring at her. Watching as she began to caress her lips, lightly rubbing her fingertips along the outside of her pussy, wetting a single finger inside herself, then pulling it out to rub on her clit. Hesitating only briefly, she lifted her legs up, holding them open even wider, exposing herself to him fully. To the man she had called ‘daddy’ for most of her life. She plunged two of her fingers into her pussy and began pumping them in and out, almost crying as she started to cum, too turned on, feeling herself start to squirt into the air, all over the couch-

At this point in the story our protagonist is interrupted, so you'll have to find out what happens to Audrey when A Naughty Girl for Daddy is released. Hope you liked it, and please don't hesitate to send me any criticisms or comments!

- Lilith, August 06

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  1. Delicious teaser! I love how things like that ignite from unexpected moments and turn into so much more. R