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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lazy day.

Not sure if any of you will think I deserve it, but today I'm having a lazy day.

I set my alarm for six this morning, intending to get up and go for an early jog before it got too hot out. But after hitting snooze three or four times - enraging my still-sleeping boy and girl - thoughts of falling asleep soon gave way to the actuality of falling asleep. Leaving me to wake up just before lunchtime with a hankering for a turkey sandwich and Cape Cod potato chips.

But I'm deceptively ahead of the game. I'm almost finished with my two new stories, and I basically have both covers already designed in my head. (A pre-planning stage not to be ignored, I've discovered.)

So expect previews and excerpts within the new few days. And yes, I realize I'm still not telling you what my new story is about. Hopefully the suspense is making you curious.

- Lilith, August 18