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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beautiful Evening

Scenic Country Farm
('Scenic Country Farm'/Forest Wander/CC BY-SA)

I'm currently sitting out on my deck, watching a pair of wild rabbits graze on a patch of clover, sipping a glass of good wine and enjoying what turned out to be a simply beautiful evening. And after a long workweek, I have to say I'm relishing it.

Thanks to all the readers who've been emailing me, most recently about A Naughty Girl for Daddy (Audrey Gets Punished). It's great to hear everyone's different opinions, and especially what turns you all on about my writing. And thanks for all the story ideas as well. I'm starting to realize there's no end to the variation of what people fantasize about.

For my next story, I'm currently writing the third installment of the Jerked by Mommy series. Jack's conflict with his father will finally be resolved (whether through violence, or other means, remains to be seen), as well as the staples of the series so far: very graphic sex between Jack and his big-titted stepmother, Pamela.

Love to everyone.

- Lilith, August 25