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New Releases!

It’s only been a few days since Audrey and her stepfather Dale had sex, but ever since then Audrey can’t get enough of him. She delights in prancing around in front of him in just a t-shirt and a tiny pair of panties, whether her mother is watching or not. And it’s making Dale crazy; not just for her hot little body, but because they might get caught.

Audrey inexplicably still hasn’t learned her lesson, and Dale realizes he needs to take things to the next level. She doesn’t just need to be disciplined. She needs to be punished. To have a rough hand, and maybe a belt, show her exactly what’s required of her. 

But what Dale doesn’t know is that Audrey has been waiting for this. That she gets wet even thinking about it. She can’t wait to be punished by her daddy.

Jack’s stepmother Pamela got too drunk the night before and jerked him off in the bathroom. Now it’s the next day, and she’s disappeared, leaving Jack to worry what’s going to happen.

Except instead of worrying, Jack is thinking about Pamela’s body. Of the size of her breasts, and how they would feel in his hands. Of the way she stroked him as she cooed words of encouragement into his ear. Of the way she had looked at him.

No longer willing to leave it up to fate, Jack decides that what Pamela really needs is a man who takes charge. And if she can’t handle that, he’ll just have to teach her how.

Jerked by Mommy (The Next Day) by Lilith Collins, now available on Amazon!