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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Love Affair With Erotica

60's Erotica
('60's Erotica'/Paul Papadimitriou/CC BY)

So I read an article on CBS News (Lust and Elves: How 'low brow' lit made ebooks), that got me to thinking about the profession of erotica authors in general, and the judgements placed upon them by a nervous society that can't live without them.

Needing an explanation for the raft of taboo erotica now present on Amazon, the author postulates that the success of 50 Shades of Grey is the reason for publishers' leniency towards such extreme subject matter being available for sale. With profits in mind, online retailers are hoping to cash in on the public's desire for hard-edged erotica, the red-headed stepchild of traditional publishing. (An analogy I've always been particularly fond of.)

But it's the same old song and dance, as it always is. Those crying the loudest usually have the least to say. And while it makes for seemingly good public relations for publishers to distance themselves from authors of taboo erotica, those same individuals that are uncomfortable with the moral implications of such subject matter usually find it simultaneously intriguing. (Utah being the porn capital of the U.S., anyone?)

Similarly, authors (such as myself) who publish taboo erotica find themselves in constant flux, wondering if the success of their next eBook will also bring about enough attention to warrant a negative response from online publishers. There are authors who had their entire catalogs removed for months by Amazon because of accusations of improper content in one of their stories. (Shudder.) But that's the risk we take.

At the end of the day, the desire for romance and erotica will always be there. Humans are sexual beings by nature, and the nature of sex is to continually push boundaries. (Well, at least it is if you want to have fun). So this is me flying my taboo flag proudly, and proclaiming my love affair with erotica.

And it's nice to know at least a few of you out there agree.

- Lilith, July 13