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Friday, July 27, 2012

Jerked by Mommy, here to stay.

Well, I went and did it, and much faster than expected. (That's what she said.) Jerked by Mommy has now officially been released upon the internet. 

And by far the most difficult part of the entire process was, for me, writing the description. I've subsequently realized it's pretty hard writing a plot analysis of erotica without it sounding really, really corny. However, I've also realized that's half the appeal, so no worries.

I'll keep it simple. It's a story about an eighteen year old boy named Jack, and his naughty stepmother Pamela. She has huge boobs, and a tendency to get hornier than she should around her stepson. It's explicit, and I masturbated while doing the final edit. (No kidding.)

Erotica eBook Online Jerked by Mommy (The Beginning)


Jack found himself staring down the front of his stepmother Pamela's shirt again, forgetting everything else except how the deep tan of her chest contrasted with the sudden white flesh of her breasts at her bra line. Each time she reached further into the bin or moved something aside both of her tits swayed tantalizingly in front of him, nearly irresistible.
He found himself wanting to stand up and plunge both hands under her bra. Thinking he wouldn’t say a word, just pin her against the wall as she was still bent over. He could feel both of her breasts in his hands as if they were truly there; the enormity of them, the coolness of her skin, the sudden hard poke of her nipples as she struggled to push him away, ineffectual against the strength of his need. Imagining pulling on each nipple until she gasped, his cock a length of aching hardness pressed against her side. The smell of her in his nostrils as he pressed his lips against her neck; her sudden soft sigh as he traced a series of warm, wet circles up to her ear. Grabbing one of her hands and pushing it against his crotch, her trying to pull away, once, twice, until he pressed her fingers against the head of his cock and gasped himself. Now her hand stroking him through his jeans, back and forth, hard, as if to punish-
 “Here they are, finally” she said, glancing up at him as she pulled a bag of potatoes from the bottom of the bin. “You sure you’re okay sweetie?” she asked, looking concerned. “You look flushed.”
As embarrassed as if she’d been able to read his thoughts, Jack quickly turned to look out the window. “I’m fine,” he said. “Just tired.”

Jerked by Mommy is currently available on Amazon for your perusal. Here's hoping you enjoy it one-handed.

- Lilith, July 27