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Thursday, July 26, 2012

This is my first post, ever.

So I've spent most of the last few days desperately putting off writing the first post for this blog. Partly because starting anything is a bitch (and I'm a procrastinator at heart), but mostly because I realized this was going to be way more work than I anticipated and I can be embarrassingly lazy.

As a girl who's only moderately tech-savvy and who spent most of her time since college fading from public view, I've nevertheless decided to reintegrate into society. (I deleted Facebook because an ex convinced me the government was slowly building a profile that could be used to track me in the unlikely, but entirely possible event of me needing to go on the lam as a criminal. And no, I hadn't really considered how weird that was until writing it this very moment.)

And for someone who recently answered 'hippie' when asked for the best word to describe herself, I've spent the last week creating more social networking profiles than I care to admit (hence the Follow me on Twitter beckoning from the left side of the screen).

My name is Lilith, and I'm most recently a resident of Portland, Maine. I'm an author (though I still have a day job), and I write stories focusing on rather dirty and taboo subjects, because that's what gets me off. I'm partial to both women and men, and I definitely have a tendency to get...focused, shall we say, on a particular fetish for periods of time. Last month being lesbian porn featuring girls with puffy nipples, for example.

Fucking hot, if you ask me. But I digress.

My first story, Jerked by Mommy (a delightful pseudo-incest romp with an equally delightful title, I might add), should be available on Amazon and Smashwords any day now, if I ever manage to finish messing around with the cover and stop editing. I'll be posting an excerpt as soon as it's published, along with info on all the places you can find it.

I'm planning on releasing one or two stories a week in the future, depending on reader response and my schedule. But I'll be posting here at least every few days, so check back often. I'll also be creating a catalog where you can look through past titles, as well as a section outlining any new releases or sales.

And if you're interested, the best place to get in contact with me is through this blog, or Twitter. (Seriously, I'd love to hear from you.)

P.S.: In the interest of truthfulness, I figure I should mention that Lilith Collins is what I like to call a pseudo-pen name: not entirely real, but not entirely fake, either. And I'm not really a hippie. I just think long sundresses are sexy.

- Lilith, July 26